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We’ve got a fantastic line-up of high level speakers from across the Driver Training industry and beyond. Click the images below, to read a little bit more about each speaker and their topic of choice. You’ll be able to look forward to free talks to help you deal with Standard’s Check, Running your business, Confidence, Mental Health & Technology.

Also we’ve got the DVSA confirmed for 2x sessions including an open Q&A.


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Lynne Barrie – Chairman ADINJC

Session title: 5 top tips for standards check success

Always keen to continue learning Lynne has gained a lot of insight to the standards check from the training she undertakes for ADIs and her own experiences. These 5 top tips will help you prepare for your standards check. 

Lynne became an ADI over 20 years ago after a career in teaching. She writes industry books, is Chair of ADINJC & holds an MA in driver training. 

James Evans – The Honest Truth

Session title: Welcome to The Honest Truth

Nic Fasci – ATE EL UK Limited,  Intelligent Instructor contributor

Session title: Will you please STOP BLEEPING AT ME!!!

Mark Born – Driving Instructor Training Manager, BSM & AA Driving School

Session title: Instructor Training 2020 with BSM

Learn how BSM are combining virtual reality peer to peer learning opportunities with traditional in-car driver instructor training.

A career training driving instructors across 3 different continents and now bringing the most modern training and technology methodologies to the UK instructor training market.

Lin Western – Head of Training, ADINJC

Session title: How to mark and assess the DL25

Learn where to mark and how to assess the DL25. This will help demystify the Marking Sheet (DL25) and help you to explain the marking to your pupils confidently. This is helpful when marking for a Mock Test. Having been an examiner Lin gives a good insight to how markings are assessed.

Lin has been an instructor/trainer for 33 years, working as a DVSA Car/LGV examiner. Lin is also ADINJC Head of Training carrying out training at workshops, groups and driving schools across the country.

Diane Hall – ADI, Therapist, Author, L of a way 2 Pass

Session title: Test Day Stress Busters: amazing techniques to help you and your learners combat test nerves & anxiety

Do you control your emotions, or do your emotions control you? How do you feel when ‘that’ letter arrives ‘inviting’ you to your SC? Learn proven techniques to replace nerves, panic, anxiety, stress, frustration & intimidation with confidence: brilliant for Part 3/SC nerves as well as for your learner drivers! … oh and a method to stop pupils muddling up left & right!
Diane has been a driving instructor for 17 years, and qualified as a therapist in 2008 to help her learner drivers overcome test day nerves. The techniques from her book and online course are used by learners and instructors throughout the UK, to help control the negative emotions that affect the learning process, and also to help pupils with dyslexia/dyspraxia

Ray Seagrave – Complete Driver Training & Intelligent Instructor ADI of the year East & West Midlands 2019!

Session title: Using the GROW model to help pupils set powerful lesson Goals and a structure for achieving them.

David Lucas – Owner, Approved Instructor Marketing

Session title: The art of getting a full diary, and keeping it full.

From social media to SEO, the world of digital marketing can be confusing, and daunting. David will guide you through it so you can fill your diary easier, attract more potential ADI’s and transform your driving school.

David is an experienced marketer specialising in lead generation and websites, who has worked with driving school and instructor for the past 4 years.

Shaun Harrington-Lunt – Owner, The ADI Marketing Academy

Session title: Social Media for Driving Schools

Susan McCormack – Managing Director, Tri-Coaching Partnership

Martin Covill – Transformational Coach, Mindful Coaching Today

Session title: Mindful Coaching to grow your business

It’s not just sports people who have coaches! Martin will explain how coaching has a huge impact on the performance and well-being of individuals and businesses. I will also share how coaching practices can help reduce the stress levels of pupils on exam day and increase pass rates.

Martin is an accredited transformational coach, helping individuals and businesses reach their ambitious goals, through deep dive questioning, supportive planning, mindful action and motivation.

Martin Leather – Managing Director, Driving School Development Ltd

Session title: Public perception of the Driver Training Profession

Graham Hooper – Joint Managing Director, Tri Coaching Partnership

Kev & Tracey Field – Co-Founders Confident Drivers Ltd

Session title: Creating confidence habits from day one