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During the day, four dedicated seminar areas will be in operation. Each will have a full programme of expert speakers delivering insightful presentations and workshops aimed at helping you as an instructor. From running your business more efficiently to opening your eyes to new ways of doing things and from learning from the very best driver trainers in the industry to understanding the complexities around handling challenging pupils. We have it covered! All workshops are free, offered on a first come first served basis so simply turn up on the day with an open mind and prepare to be enthused. Our 2021 line-up is taking shape!

Plus… confirmed DVSA industry update followed by Q and A

We are delighted to welcome Loveday Ryder the DVSA CEO & John Sheridan Driver Training Policy Manager.

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Dan Hill – Business development specialist and founder of MyDriveTime, author and committee member for ADINJC.

Session title: Come On Down, The Price Is Wrong.

We’ll be exploring the reasons why driving instructors struggle with the issue of ‘Price’ and why emotions shouldn’t play a part. We’ll look at common pitfalls, and the factors behind a good pricing strategy that will result in you earning thousands more each year.

Rob Cooling – Owner, Apple Driving School & EV enthusiast

Rob has been an ADI since 2006, EV driving instructor and enthusiast since 2017 and co-organiser of the Nottingham EV Owners Club. 

Session title: Electrified! The Driving Instructor’s Positively Charged Guide to Electric Cars

An honest, upbeat and realistic guide to being an EV driving instructor exploring the rise of automatics, the ups and downs of life in an electric car, whether it’s the right choice for you and an appraisal of the current situation as we head towards a rather exciting future. 


Adrianne Carter – The Face Whisperer, Adrianne Carter Ltd.

Adrianne is the UK’s foremost expert in facial expressions, emotions and behaviour working with global and national companies to help them be more commercial by understanding people better.

Session title: The Business of People 

Helping you develop your people reading skills to give you tools and techniques that you can immediately apply in your personal and professional life. 


Andrew Drewary – Road Safety Consultant, Road Safety Smart

Andrew is a multi award winning road safety consultant now promoting road safety awareness and driver training about the lessons learned from investigating over 37,000 collisions.

Session title: Young driver safety is your responsibility: The need to teach basics

Provide an understanding of why young drivers need to be taught about road safety that will influence a positive safety culture. The importance to educate them about basic road traffic legislation and how the consequences of their actions can affect them, their family, employer and all other road users. 

David Crundall – Professor of Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

David is a Professor of Traffic and Transport Psychology, with 25 years of experience and 100+ publications. His specialisms include eye-movements, attention and hazard perception. 

Session title: Testing and training Hazard Perception skills in VR headsets 

Hazard perception (HP) is traditionally assessed on single-screen monitors that limit where a driver can look. This confounds the measurement of HP skill. Presenting HP clips in 360-degrees is arguably more immersive, more engaging, and should be a better tool for training and assessment, but what does the evidence say…?

Kev & Tracey Field – Co-founders, Confident Drivers Ltd

Session title: Creating confidence habits from day one

Kev and Tracey share their recommendations for how to start creating confidence habits with students from the first lesson. These simple tips will help all students whether nervous or not to keep their confidence levels in tune with their driving ability.

Chris Lewis – Policy and Development Lead for Road Safety, Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Session title: Achieving Safer Roads Through Partnerships

Chris will speak about the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner as Warwickshire seeks to bring strong positive influence to the world of road safety on a local, regional and national basis.

The PCC totally believes in working in partnership to bring about positive behavioural change especially with young drivers and riders. The PCC sees ADIs as critical partners in this process. Chris will speak about how those partnerships can be developed.

Ray Seagrave – OwnerCompany, Ray Seagrave Instructor Training

Session title: Achieving Behavioural Change – Saving lives by helping pupils develop safe driving behaviours.

Nothing changes unless behaviour changes. If we are to be successful in helping pupils achieve safe driving for life, we must help them to both understand and make good choices. Long term behavioural change happens not because we instruct pupils to drive in a safe way, but because the pupil acts on their belief that they should drive in a safe way. This session looks at behavioural change and how we engage with pupils to develop safe driving behaviours that stay with them beyond the driving test and not just when they are with you.

We are delighted to welcome Loveday Ryder the DVSA CEO & John Sheridan Driver Training Policy Manager.

Session title: DVSA industry update and Q & A


Andrew Love – Head of TrainingCompany, ADINJC

A grade A, ORDIT ADI with over 17 years’ experience working with FLH’s, PLH’s, ADI development & companies to reduce road risk within the UK & Internationally.

Session title: Exploring how to make risk management easy to understand, implement & helping the driver to develop pre-rehearsed driving choices.

James Evans – Founder & MD, FirstCar

Session title: The Honest Truth –the road safety plugin for ADIs

The Honest Truthequips driving instructors to deliver consistent, high-quality and engaging road-safety education to learners seamlessly within their normal driving lessons. During this session, you’ll find out how it works, the benefits for learners and how you can get involved.

Sandra Harper – Mindfulness coach and ADI, Cotswold mindfulness & In-tuition driving school

Session title: How can Mindfulness help my pupils and me?

I will give a brief introduction and then hand out sweets and ask them to do a practice with me – where I get them to experience Mindfulness for themselves. In Mindfulness an eating practice is one of the first things we teach and this experience can be the first time that many people have actually paid any attention to something they do on autopilot every day. I’ll also guide a short grounding practice/meditation and then offer Q&A.


Alan Hiscox – Director of Safety Company, British Horse Society

Session title: Safer drivers, safer riders, safer horses

The award-winning BHS Dead Slow campaign informs and involves drivers on how to pass horses safely on the road. With over 80 horses killed on the roads in 2020, the continued education of all drivers but especially young drivers of the 4 Dead Slow messages is still crucial to saving drivers, riders and horses lives.

Amy Hartley – Marketing and Business Development Coordinator

Session title: Tax Bootcamp

Workout Your Taxes-Track, plan and power into 2022 with direction for your taxes.

Andy Clement – Training Manager, Green Penny Ltd

Session title: Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults

An introduction to safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults and the importance of awareness in the driver training industry. What to look for if you think someone is being subjected to abuse, how to report concerns and how trainers can limit their own risk and exposure to safeguarding complaints.

Francis Noakes – Driving instructor and Content Creator, The Driving School TV

Session title: Growing your business through your phone

An insight into the ever-growing relevance of social media in today’s world, especially to the young target market of the ADI. Looking at how you can use social media to your advantage with tips and tricks for how to grow your brand and business just using your smartphone.

Ian McIntosh – CEO, RED Driving School

Session title: Covid 19 – Lessons Learnt for the Driver Training Industry.

The Covid 19 pandemic is a world-wide tragedy and has had a huge impact on all our lives. The impact on the driving tuition sector were equally profound. This presentation will explore the lessons learnt and consider if anything can be done to prepare instructors for any future crisis.

Mark Born – Driving Instructor Training Manager, AA Driving School & BSM

Session title: Virtual Reality Driving Instructor Training

Discover how virtual reality technology is being combined with traditional training methods to train new driving instructors. Using a peer-to-peer learning platform, trainee driving instructors enter the world of virtual reality to introduce and develop key instructional skills such as attention shifting, providing instruction, identifying and developing weakness and much more.

Charles Moffat – Approved Driving Instructor & ADINJC Deputy Chair (Standards)

Charles is a practicing ADI but also a former Head of Police Professional Standards & Senior Investigator for Northamptonshire Police, Expert Witness, and International Advisor for the EU on Corruption. He has managed to help and support many ADIs over the years, some who realised they would be investigated and some who had no idea until they received letters from DVSA to attend for an interview.

Session title: Corruption, professional standards and what to expect from a DVSA investigation

The session examines the spiral of corrupt behaviour and scales of culpability. It then explains what to expect if you are subject to an investigation by the DVSA.

Simon Johnston – Managing Director, AcciDON’T Ltd

Session title: Training our Armed Forces

As a provider of 4,500 intensive driving courses to the MoD we can help individual instructors gain access to this steady supply of students. If you want to know how to get involved come along for an overview of MoD training. Not just cars, vocational training in Cat C, Cat C+E and some Cat D.

Dean  Lowes – Operations Manager, Pass N Go Driving School

I have worked in the driving instructor industry for 15 years and throughout my time I have proudly helped and supported our instructor family to find success with Pass N Go.

Session title: Mental Health Awareness within the Driving Instructor industry

A closer look at mental health awareness within the driving instructor industry, examining the main factors that contribute to mental health and what support is available to those that may suffer from mental health within the industry.