Simon Johnston – Managing Director, AcciDON’T

Session Title: Contract driver training for the MoD

Alastair Watson – Director, Bill Plant Driving School

Session Title: Franchise Debate

Shaun Harrington-Lunt – ADI, Get Your Own Driving School

Session title: Facebook and Instagram marketing for driving schools.

Mark Born – ADI, Driving Instructor Training Manager, AA Driving School & BSM

Session Title: Developing hazard perception during driving lessons

Diane Hall – ADI, Author, ‘L of a Way 2 Pass’

Session Title: Test Day Stress Busters: amazing techniques to help you and your learners combat test nerves & anxiety

Ian McIntosh – CEO, RED Driving School

Session Title: Driving in a 5G World & Franchise Debate

Nick Moger – Founder, Marmalade

Session Title: Passing the driving test is an amazing milestone – but practice and developing driving skills should not stop there!

Susan McCormack – Managing Director, Tri-Coaching Partnership

Session Title: A model for goal-setting and managing the risk.

Lin Western – Head of Training, ADINJC

Session Titles: Driving into the Future & DL25 Marking and Assessment – How does it work?

Jacqui Turland – DVSA Registrar

Session Title: DVSA Q+A

John Sheridan – Driver Training Policy Manager, DVSA

Session Title: ADI Updates – Covering the latest news from the DVSA, with a Q+A
Lou Walsh – Owner, Driving-Instructor TV
Session Title: Mock tests: a fresh look

Andrew Love – Operations Manager, SmartDriving

Session Title: Why don’t they listen to me!

Harry Seaton – Managing Director, Fluential

Session Title: The Power of Influence

Graham Lucas – Joint MD & Commercial Director, SmartDriving

Session Title: Tag Lines and Mission Statements: You can’t do without one (or can you?)!

Ian Edwards – ADI, Developer of Road Safety GB’s Academy’s Road Safety Practitioner’s Foundation Course and their Behavioural Change Course

Session Title: Can young people make better decisions?

Amy Hartley – Marketing & Business Development, FBTC Accountancy Services

Session Title: Making tax digital

James Sandbrook – Founder, Human

Session Title: Humanising your marketing

Sgt Olly Tayler – Devon & Cornwall Police and The Honest Truth

Session Title: The ‘Honest Truth’ about Sgt Olly Tayler

Dan Hill – Founder, MyDriveTime

Session Title: Business Matters

Lynne Barrie – Chairman, ADINJC

Session Title: Your Standards Check: A normal lesson or special event?

Adrianne Carter – Founder, D Coded Training Team

Session Title: Decoding the face for Driving Instructors

Damien Cross – Head of Engagement, To The End

Session Title: Engaging the Under-20’s

Liz Box – Head of Research, RAC Foundation

Session Title: What’s the norm? Young driver’s social landscape and its impact on safe and risky driving

Rob Cooling – ADI, Apple Driving School

Session Title: Electrified! The Driving Instructor’s positively charged guide to electric cars!