During the day, four dedicated seminar areas will be in operation. Each will have a full programme of expert speakers delivering insightful presentations and workshops aimed at helping you as an instructor. From running your business more efficiently to opening your eyes to new ways of doing things and from learning from the very best driver trainers in the industry to understanding the complexities around handling challenging pupils. We have it covered! All workshops are free, offered on a first come first served basis so simply turn up on the day with an open mind and prepare to be enthused.

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Lynnes headshot

Lynne Barrie

ORDIT Instructor Trainer, ADINJC Training Team 

 Lynne is a working ADI and ORDIT trainer. Lynne holds an M.A in Driver Training and gained 51/51 in her ORDIT inspection and SC. Author of the popular “Standards Check Success” book, she has helped hundreds of ADIs achieve their goals. 

Session title: My top tips for standards check success

Lynne came to this industry from a background in teaching and although over the last 15 years she has achieved top marks in her standards checks and ORDIT inspection that wasn’t the case at the start. Lynne learnt how to improve her marks and now helps others do the same. This session will help you understand what the DVSA are looking for, how to cope on the day and how to achieve SC success.

Ray Seagrave

Ray Seagrave

Owner, Ray Seagrave Instructor Training

Advocate for Coaching and client-centred learning, Ray is an industry award-winning trainer and public speaker. A grade ‘A’ (51/51) ORDIT Instructor trainer and grade ‘A’ ADI, his is passion is helping ADI’s and PDI’s develop their client-centred teaching and coaching skills to deliver the National Driver and Rider Standards around safe driving for life.

Session title: Coaching and the competences

In this session Ray takes you through the 17 competences of the Part 3 and Standards Check assessments and how coaching skills are used to deliver a high-quality client-centred driving lesson that has pupils empowered to come up with solutions for themselves, conquering fears, making progress and having lots of fun along the way.

Andrew drewary

Andrew Drewary

FCILT MARRM ASRSGB - Collision Investigator/Road Safety Consultant, Road Safety Smart Ltd 

A multi award winning road safety specialist, speaker at leading industry events/conferences and active committee member for various industry road safety forums.  

Has managed the investigation process for over 40,000 road traffic collisions over the last 20 years using his analysis to improve individual driving behaviour and road safety.

Session title: Road safety education and the role of the ADI   

This interactive session will explore the analysis behind the ‘Fatal 4’. Why ADIs need to incorporate this analysis into learning programmes along with ensuring students fully understand the relevant driving legislations, penalties and consequences for their actions and it is time for ADIs to undertake annual CPD road safety training?

Francis Noakes

Francis Noakes

Driving instructor and Content Creator, The Driving School TV

Driving instructor and content creator with a passion for putting the fun into learning and teaching as many people as possible through social media streams.

Session title: Growing your business through your phone

An insight into the ever-growing relevance of social media in today’s world, especially to the young target market of the ADI. Looking at how you can use social media to your advantage with tips and tricks for how to grow your brand and business just using your smart phone.

James Evans

James Evans

The Honest Truth

Entrepreneur and passionate road safety advocate, James, has built his career on producing high quality campaigns and resources, particularly targeting new and young drivers. 

Session title: The Honest Truth – a road safety plug-in for ADIs

We know that most ADIs want to go over and above for their learners and give them the knowledge and skills required to drive safely for life. The Honest Truth Campaign has been created to make it easier for ADIs to deliver these vital messages, seamlessly within normal driving lessons.

Andrew Love

Andrew Love

Head of Training, ADINJC

Andrew is the Head of Training at the ADINJC, he has extensive experience working in all areas of driver training & ADI development.

Session title: Standards Check/Part 3 test, I won’t let that happen!  

Sometimes when planning lessons, the situation changes. Having several contingencies plans will help adopt the plans to get the best out of the learner during their lessons. Understanding how to recognise critical controls points within a training area to help develop contingency plans is essential. During this session we’ll be discussing the above issues.

Dean passngo

Dean Lowes

Operations Manager, Pass N Go Driving School

Dean has worked in the driving instructor industry for 15 years and throughout his time he has proudly helped and supported the instructor family to find success with Pass N Go.

Session title: Mental Health Awareness within the Driving Instructor industry

A closer look at mental health awareness within the driving instructor industry, examining the main factors that contribute to mental health and what support is available to those that may suffer from mental health within the industry.

Leigh Brookes

Leigh Brookes

Grade A Driving Instructor and Instructor Trainer, XT Driver Training 

A former Police Officer, Leigh was involved in Advanced Driver training for many years before becoming an ADI and subsequently ADI trainer, he is also a member of the Governing Committee of the ADINJC

Upskilling – the benefits to ADIs and their clients of CPD 

Image Phil Hirst

Phil Hirst

ADI trainer, Phil Hirst Instructor Training Ltd 

A 30-year, second career helping learners, PDIs, ADIs and ADI trainers achieve their ambitions, has been equally enjoyable and gratifying.

Session title: Driving Instructor Training – a profession with unlimited possibilities!

Phil outlines a potential career path and considerations for budding ADI trainers. Initial training, joining ORDIT, training resources and running a small driving school, are just some of the topics discussed.

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